We are a 100% BEE Company that was established in 2014, to take advantage of the new dispensation offered to previously disadvantaged communities, but operationally competent entities.
E3 PROJECTS consist of three business units whose purpose is to deliver on a mandate of serving quality services to the clients and maintain high standard on all products.


 Our mission is to be a preferred supplier of materials and service to commerce and industry in South Africa. Our core competencies are building and civil works, renovations and maintenance services, and the supply of materials and assorted services. We believe in strategic diversification and provide events management, equipment and labour where there is economic opportunity. 

We aim to be a role model emerging businesses in our region. “To be a credible, developmental organization of choice in shaping the future of our clients”
• To be a respectable building contractor and delivering on expectations all the time.
• To be the embodiment of responsive, cost effective and creative solution to our clientele. 

Our corporate goals underpin our vision and mission:
• To participate in the economy successfully
• To assist government and the private sector to deliver on their mandates
• To contribute to the development of the future of South Africa
• To create employment, develop skills and empower women and the youth
• To remain committed to the betterment of the lives of our people
• To ensure that the community is treated as the main beneficiary on all community development based projects. 




Email: paul@e3projects.co.za 
Phone: 082 731 3322