Safety standards, Safety Management System
 E3 PROJECTS, has a very strong commitment to health and safety and has extensive systems in place to ensure continuous and the general public. It commits itself to Occupational Health and Safety Policy statement and specific and relevant safety work and procedures that meet annual third party audit requirements.
 Our core team of skilled labour and foreman undergo safety training regularly with an accredited institution. We also aim to educate our subsidiaries to improve their ability on site to work safe and competent and ensure the client has peace of mind.
 To achieve peace of mind and compliance with statutory requirements OH&S systems include:
• Safety Management Plan
 • A job Safety Analysis (JSA) system for identity hazards, evaluation risks and implementing controls.
 • Extensive consultation between management and employees on OH&S matters.
 • Full compliance with the “ Code of Practice: First Aid” with a company policy that multiple members of any survey team are to be trained and qualified in First Aid.
• A contractor and sub-consultant assessment process to evaluate, amongst other things, the skills and competency and commitment of contractors to carry out work in a safe manner.
 • A customized return to work plan for injured employees as required.
• Industry training of the appointment of Health and Safety Representative(s)
 • An annual review of the effectiveness of the Sakwe projects health and safety systems and their performance.





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